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Applications are now closed.


The online application form is divided in the following eight sections:

1 Personal Data
This section includes uploading an up to date CV (e.g. solo / group exhibitions, residencies, publications, awards etc.) and a copy of a valid ID (passport or identity card). In this section, you can also leave the name of your application partner(s) in case you want to apply as a duo/group. Please note that if you want to apply as a duo/group, both/all of you will have to fill out the online application form and should pay the €50 application fee. You can both/all upload the same works, resume and motivation. Please make clear how you collaborate and who contributed what to the works. When accepted you will share one studio, but both/all of you will receive the stipend.

2 (Art) education
This section requires information about your (art) education (e.g. institute, course of study, study period, degree etc.). You can add a maximum of three courses of study.

3 Upload work files
You can upload a maximum amount of 20 files (images or video links). For images, please limit the size to 2 MB each. For video links, please use a reliable video hosting service such as Vimeo or YouTube, and ensure that your work is publicly viewable through the link provided. If your videos are longer than ten minutes each, please make excerpts.

4 About your work
At this section, please give a description of the submitted works and / or your work in general within 500 words.

5 Motivation
At this section, please provide us with the reason you apply to De Ateliers within 500 words.

6 Application details
This section gives you the possibility to upload letter(s) of recommendation. Please note that letter(s) of recommendation are not required. Also, any additional information you feel is relevant to your application can be provided here.

7 Review application
At this section you can review your application details and confirm if everything is correct before proceeding to the payment section and submitting your application. Please make sure to save your application before proceeding to the payment section.

8 Payment
The non-refundable application fee is €50, payable by iDeal, PayPal or credit card only. Applicants from the ‘Least Developed Countries’, ‘Other Low Income Countries’ and ‘Lower Middle Income Countries and Territories’ on the DAC list are exempt from payment. Applicants from the ‘Upper Middle Income Countries and Territories’ on the DAC list do have to pay the application fee. Please see the DAC list attached herePlease note that once you have proceeded with the payment, it is not possible to return to the application form.


General information about the application form
In case you want to leave a field blank but you are required to fill it out (see fields marked with a *), please fill out N/A (not applicable).

Please note that if you select a file (for instance your CV / proof of identity / image / letter of recommendation), it is not uploaded yet. A file is uploaded when it is marked with a red circle with a cross: ⊗
You can upload your selected file(s) by continuing to the next page (press the ‘next’ button at the bottom of the page).
Warning: all your selected files must be uploaded (marked with a red ) before you use the ‘save and continue later’ link.

You can save your application at any time and proceed with the application form from any computer (within 30 days).

If you have any questions about the application, please contact Julie Boodt:

Email: applications@de-ateliers.nl
Phone: +31 (0)20 6739359


Applications are now closed.