Always Hallways website for exhibition

Always Hallways is the website accompanying the 2021 Offspring exhibition of De Ateliers. The website features content organised by the second-year De Ateliers participants which form the background process of their works and tangents that have influenced them. In conversation with the participants, this website is designed by students of the Werkplaats Typografie Master’s programme in Graphic Design at ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem.

The design of the website and its title are inspired by hallways as a repetitive motif which was prominent in the talks between the De Ateliers participants and the students of the Werkplaats Typografie Master’s programme. Hallways are a distinctive feature of the architectural layout of the De Ateliers monumental building. It also turned out to be an important social part of the building in times of the pandemic, lockdowns and social isolation, in which the hallways became a semi-public space for mingling and taking breathers.

— Fadwa Naamna, curator of Offspring 2021: Always Hallways


Visit Always Hallways for more content from the participants or if you are unable to visit the exhibition at De Ateliers.