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De Ateliers, founded in 1963 by artists for artists, is an international artists institute with nearly sixty years’ experience and expertise in talent development within the visual arts. De Ateliers offers circa twenty Dutch and international artists a high-quality work environment where they can develop their practice for a period of two years, under the intensive guidance of experienced fellow artists. Each year, approximately ten talented artists are selected from a large international group of applicants. De Ateliers distinguishes itself nationally and internationally through its focus on relatively young artists, the small scale of the institute, the focus on individual studio practice, and the unique intensive talent mentoring programme. Besides this, De Ateliers also organises public events such as artist talks and exhibitions, and collaborates actively with fellow institutions to improve the conditions for talent development in the visual arts in the Netherlands.

De Ateliers forms part of the basic national infrastructure of cultural institutions (BIS) of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and receives additional financial support from the Ateliers Support Fund.

Supervisory Board

De Ateliers is a foundation (Stichting Ateliers 63) which is led by its day-to-day management (the director) and a Supervisory Board (SB). The SB is responsible for overseeing and supervising the policy that is developed and implemented by the management, for evaluating the director’s performance and for monitoring the general direction of the foundation in a way which serves the interests of the foundation’s stakeholders. The Supervisory Board supports the director with knowledge, expertise and network, supervises policy, strategy and the financial situation, and ensures that the foundation implements its policy in accordance with the governance codes and Dutch law.

The responsibilities and powers of the SB are laid down in the articles of association.

The SB meets on average 4 times per year. The period in office of an SB member is 4 years, with the option of being reappointed one time. The SB has between 3 and 5 members. At present it has 5 members. It is seeking to find a successor in March 2021 for one of the members whose term expires on 27 March 2021.

The SB safeguards the independence, expertise and diversity of its composition, subscribing to the Cultural Governance Code and the Diversity and Inclusion Code.

The SB members are experienced professionals with proven qualities and an excellent reputation. They are strategic thinkers and have networks which are of value for the goals of the foundation. They share a passion for contemporary art, and for the mission of artistic talent development. Every SB member must be capable of evaluating the general, artistic and business policy of the organisation in broad terms.

Besides this, each member’s personal specific expertise is required to contribute to the knowledge and expertise that the SB needs, in accordance with the profile. The SB is one team, within which the individual expertise and experience of its members complement each other.

Present composition of the SB

Rijkman Groenink (chairman)

Eefje van Bommel

Olivier Gorter

Jan Dibbets

Sanne ten Brink


  • Analytical and strategic intellectual level, has an open view and broad scope
  • Sufficiently available as a source of expertise for the director
  • Affinity with contemporary art and culture
  • Interest in the mission and playing field of post-academic institutions; understanding of the specific institutional characteristics of De Ateliers
  • Subscribes to the principles of good governance, as laid down in the Cultural Governance Code


Supplementary to the competencies described above, the preference is for:

  • a visual artist with a highly regarded practice at an international level, familiar with the Dutch and international art world and the developments within it
  • a candidate who has a deep understanding of the position of the artist in contemporary art and society, who naturally holds ideas about the development of artistic practice.


De Ateliers values balanced representation within its board, as described in the Diversity and Inclusion Code.

Members of the Supervisory Board receive no remuneration for their activities.

For questions, please contact Sanne ten Brink,

Please send your motivation letter and CV via email to Sanne ten Brink before 15 February.

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