Woonhuis was the former caretaker’s house of De Ateliers and has now been converted into project space.
Three floors and almost 200m2 offers room to international artists to think, work and exhibit.

Notes on Woonhuis:

1            Woonhuis is an exhibition space and try-out room

2            The programme is not restricted to ex-participants

3            Woonhuis is collectively curated and run by the participants of De Ateliers

4            Woonhuis hosts a fellow (guest tutor) for a max of 3 months per year. This invited guest may choose to have an exhibition in Woonhuis

5            The curatorial programmes committee is chaired by a minimum of 4 second year participants, 2 first year participants; the 3 members of the artistic advisory board and the director have voting rights only

6            The curatorial programmes committee meets 4 times a year to discuss the annual program

7            The curatorial programmes committee represents all participants

8            Woonhuis adheres to the Code of Conduct of De Ateliers