De Ateliers

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De Ateliers is an international institute for talent development of young visual artists, founded in 1963 by artists, for artists. De Ateliers offers some twenty young and beginning artists a studio for two years in a professional working environment, and the intense mentorship of prominent colleagues.

De Ateliers offers opportunities to young artists to develop their talents on the highest possible level. De Ateliers adheres to the notion that the professional development of beginning artists benefits most from practice. During the two year residency at De Ateliers, individual studio practice, experiment, research, reflection, exchange and discussion are central. Participants of De Ateliers have their own private studio, where they can work 24/7. Every week on Tuesdays, they engage in individual studio discussions with tutor artists and art professionals.

In addition to this intense mentorship, key to the program, De Ateliers organizes series of artist talks and exhibitions. It also offers several technical workshops for communal use, technical assistance and administrative support. As an internationally acclaimed artists institute, De Ateliers is financially supported by the Ateliers Support Fund (ASF) and the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OC&W). Participants of De Ateliers are financially supported with a production grant, made possible by Ammodo.


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