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Working period

A working period at De Ateliers lasts two years. A working year runs from September 1st until August 31st. During these two years, participants have a private studio in De Ateliers’ monumental building in central Amsterdam. The studios are light, high and large and measure up seventy to one hundred square meters. Participants have access to their studios at all times, defining their own working hours.

Studio visits

Studio visits take place during the working year on Tuesdays only, except during the Christmas break and the summer break (June-August). All tutor artists and visiting guests engage in a dialogue with all participants, regardless of their medium or discipline. Next to the visits of regular tutor artists, guest tutors are invited to do individual studio visits. Some guest tutors visit De Ateliers incidentally, others more than once. Visits of tutor artists and guests are announced each month by email. Participants are expected to be present in their studios on Tuesdays during the working year as often as possible.


De Ateliers offers several workshops for wood, metal, and synthetics, plus a dark room for analogue photography and a sound proof studio for digital video editing. These workshops are supervised by two technicians who are available for technical guidance. The art book library is free for use.

Artist Talks

Twice a year, De Ateliers presents a series of six artist talks, ‘Spring Blossom’ in March/April and ‘Indian Summer’ in October/November. Speakers are invited to first visit the studios and then to speak about their own artistic practice. With these artist talks, De Ateliers offers a platform to some of the most inspiring artists of today. Young and emerging artists as well as established artists from the Netherlands and abroad talk about their own work, each in his or her own personal manner. The artist talks, starting on Tuesdays at 5pm, are open to the public. Tickets at € 5 can be obtained at the door. Please make your reservation via For updates on forthcoming artist talks please check the agenda.

Offspring exhibition

Since 2006, each year in May, the annual Offspring-exhibition takes place. Participants concluding their two-year working period show their works to a wide audience of art enthusiasts as well as art professionals. Each year, an artist or curator is invited to coordinate the show, usually eagerly anticipated by the public and press. With each Offspring-exhibition, a catalogue is published.

Other exhibitions and activities

During the year, De Ateliers organizes several exhibitions and public activities. De Ateliers participates in the yearly Amsterdam Art Weekend during the last weekend of November and the Amsterdam Spring Performance Festival in March. For updates on forthcoming shows and activities, please check the agenda. Please consult the archive for exhibitions, artist talks and activities which took place in the past.

Stipend and costs

De Ateliers offers all participants a stipend every year. The stipend is financed by the Ateliers Support Fund and the ministry of Education, Culture and Science. The stipend for the working year 2018-2019 is € 13.650 and should be sufficient to cover all necessary living expenses. With this stipend, participants are enabled to fully concentrate on their studio practice.
Participation also comes with expenses. The participation fee for 2018-2019 is € 3.200. This amount is deducted from the stipend. Being dependant on fluctuating subsidies and donations, De Ateliers invites participants to raise funds themselves, for instance in their country of origin, as to cover the costs for the stipend.


In collaboration with housing cooperation Ymere, De Ateliers has six apartments with in total nineteen rooms available in Amsterdam Centre, Amsterdam East and Amsterdam South. Rooms are offered first to foreign participants and secondly to participants already living in the Netherlands. Rooms are rented out by a lease agreement. The use of the room is strictly limited to the working period at De Ateliers. With the ending of the working period, the rental term stops. The average rent per month is € 350 – € 400. When renting a room from De Ateliers, the rent is deducted from the stipend offered by De Ateliers.

Residence permits for participants from outside the EU

When a participant from outside the EU starts the two-year working period at De Ateliers, De Ateliers (as recognised sponsor) will apply for a residence permit at the Immigration and Naturalisation Service. This residence permit will be valid during the two-year working period. The costs of this permit are at the expense of the participant and will be €192.