Janine van Oene winner Jeanne Oosting Prijs 2020

De Ateliers congratulates former participant Janine van Oene, winner of the Jeanne Oosting Prize 2020.

The Jeanne Oosting Prize is an annual oeuvre award for two artists. The second winner is Maria Roosen. Unique to this prize is that all member of the jury are artists themselves. The jury, impressed by the articulated positions of both artists, choose for Van Oene and Roosen because of their singularity and vitality. With her partly abstract, partly figurative paintings Janine van Oene (1988) seeks the edges of legitibility. According to the jury, she gives figurative painting a fresh make over. Moreover, Van Oene, despite her short career, has become an inspiring role model for younger generations of artists. The jury expresses the hope that the Jeanne Oosting Prize will contribute to the development of her adventurous work. Works of both winners will be on show from April 29th to May 3rd at the KunstRai artfair in Amsterdam.