Online screening Sarah Naqvi during Amsterdam Art Gallery Weekend

On Friday November 27th 2020 at 8.40 pm the film ‘How Does One Say Queen in Islam’ (2020) by De Ateliers participant Sarah Naqvi will be screened as part of the livestream programme by Amsterdam Art Gallery Weekend.

The livestream can be found on the YouTube channel of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

In the film ‘How Does One Say Queen in Islam’ (2020), Sarah Naqvi, working with Ugandan multimedia artist Hibo Elmi and British artist Sophie Soobramanien, has constructed a new, personalized version of Islamic history, using words only uttered by women. Here, traditional forms of story-telling meld with tales and songs from her childhood in a dream landscape where female leaders, warriors, singers and revolutionaries jostle with the symbolic presence of her mother and grandmother. Throughout this film, importance is placed on women whom she recognizes as reckoning forces; women who have changed the course of how and whom attains knowledge and who will continue to do so. Women who can fight in battles, who rule nations, and who can shape futures. They all come alive in imagination, walking on the quilt of today’s resistance. Mothers, grandmothers, daughters sitting, their hands raised against oppression.

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