Film screening of Paloma Polo’s ‘Unrest’ and artist talk

De Ateliers Stadhouderskade 86, Amsterdam

Film screening followed by an artist talk with Paloma Polo, Lara Almarcegui (artist), Louie Jalandoni (National Democratic Front of the Philippines, NDFP), Coni Ledesma (women's rights activist), Julieta de Lima (economist), Professor Jose Maria Sison (political activist, poet) and Theo Tegelaers (TAAK).  


Spring Performance Festival 2016: Raed Yassin

De Ateliers Stadhouderskade 86, Amsterdam

During Spring Performance Festival 2016, De Ateliers proudly presents: Raed Yassin ‘Volumes’ ‘Volumes’ is Raed Yassin’s new solo double-bass musical piece. With this 35 minute work, the artist attempts to create a soundscape akin to the process of sculpting in sound, playing with texture, size, volume, dynamics, space and surfaces. Raed Yassin (b.1979, Beirut, Lebanon), […]


Amsterdam Art Weekend 2017: ‘Let’s see, where were we? In the pit of despair.’

De Ateliers Stadhouderskade 86, Amsterdam

This three-day event takes the painting ‘Christ in Limbo’ by a follower of Hieronymus Bosch as a guiding motif. Participants of De Ateliers will present a total-installation that places a bar at its epicentre. The event includes artist talks, performances and film screenings, organised in collaboration with former participants of De Ateliers.   Program: Friday, […]



Alto Refugio Paysandú 2036, Buenos Aires

Grace Ndiritu: ‘Roundtable, A Meal for My Ancestors : Healing the Museum’

ThalieLab 15 rue Buchholtz, Brussel

PROGRAM  11:00>12:00 Corine Sombrun on The effects of shamanic trance on Neurobiology of human body and healing from trauma 12:00>13:00 Kenneth D. Smith on Commensality – the social medical benefits of eating together 13:00>15:00 Meal – eating together. Please bring a dish from your culture to share with others. 15:00>17:00 Kenneth D. Smith, Corine Sombrun, Alicia Arbid […]

‘A Double Play’

Kunstverein Hazenstraat 28, Amsterdam

Op vrijdag 26 januari organiseert Kunstverein 'A Double Play': de meest recente publicatie The Alphabet Book wordt gelanceerd, in het gezelschap van Vincent Trasov (a.k.a. Mr Peanut), als ook Job Interviews, bewerkt en geillustreerd door tutor van De Ateliers Chris Evans, met lezingen van Freya Chou, Chris Evans, Will Holder en Danae Papazymouri. Deuren gaan open om 17.30, de evenementen […]

Jasmijn Visser: ‘Serf Club’

Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH Klosterstrasse 68, Berlijn

Location: Transmediale Festival Serf Club is an infinite film constructed from global live streams. A drama playing out in real life and in real time. The algorithmic director, influenced by intuitive, geographical, relational factors, modulates an audio-visual signal to make meaning appear and disappear. Shot reverse shot. Close-up on tangled plotlines. Build suspense and tear […]

Atelier van Lieshout: ‘Cryptofood’

NDSM-werf NDSM-plein, Amsterdam

On Friday the 22nd and the Saturday 23rd of June, Joep van Lieshout and chef Derk Jan Wooldrik will use a primitive cooking-laboratory, gigantic steel bowls and hydraulic presses to push the limits of the different ingredients and participants. 22 & 23 JUNE, 19.00 – 23.00 TICKET LINK NDSM WERF 1033 WB AMSTERDAM THE NETHERLANDS


Kino De Constant Rebecqueplein, Den Haag

Programma BLOK 1 20.00 – 20.30 uur The Speechless Green Man Inside a Cyborg - Eric Giraudet de Boudemange – Billytown Labyrinth Runner - Robbie Cornelissen – Galerie Maurits van de Laar Writing Back to History – Judith Westerveld – NEST een film gekozen door/i.s.m -  Sam Samiee - Gemeentemuseum Den Haag/GEM Breeder 3 - Puck Verkade – Dürst Britt & Mayhew BLOK 2 20.30 – Q&A met Mickey […]

Amsterdam Art Weekend 2019 at De Ateliers

De Ateliers Stadhouderskade 86, Amsterdam

For Amsterdam Art Weekend 2019, De Ateliers presents: Performance program Saturday 23 November 17.00 hrs: Raed Yassin 18.00 hrs: PHILTH HAUS: COLY 2.0 18.30 hrs: Ghita Skali Alongside the performance program, De Ateliers presents a group exhibition using its rarely shown collection as a lens through which to examine contemporary artistic challenges, in relation to […]

Open Dag 18 januari 2020

De Ateliers Stadhouderskade 86, Amsterdam

Op 18 januari organiseert De Ateliers een open dag. De open dag is speciaal bedoeld voor kunstenaars die zich willen oriënteren op een eventuele aanmelding bij De Ateliers. Tijdens de open dag wordt het programma toegelicht, wordt er aandacht besteed aan het aanmeldingsformulier en worden ervaringen gedeeld van voormalig deelnemers. Daarnaast worden er rondleidingen georganiseerd. […]

Screening Ben Russell: ‘The Gateway to the Invisible’

De Ateliers Stadhouderskade 86, Amsterdam

The Gateway to the Invisible Artist talk door Ben Russell in samenwerking met Sonic Acts In deze meta expeditie, die verkapt is als artist talk, zal Ben Russell ons leiden door verschillende stadia van zijn conceptuele bergbeklimmings-project getiteld "THE INVISIBLE MOUNTAIN". Van performance tot een monumentale geluidsinstallatie tot neon sculpturen tot een multi-kanaals video installatie […]

‘Skin of the film’

Film and Video Poetry Society 1001, Fremont Avenue, South Pasadena, California