CHOI&CHOI Gallery 42 Palpan-gil, Seoul, Jongnu-gu

Artist Talk Monika Sosnowska

De Ateliers Stadhouderskade 86, Amsterdam

Monika Sosnowska (b.1972, Ryki, Poland), lives in Warsaw Monika Sosnowska is best known for her large sculptures, exploiting the mysterious grace of engineered architecture. These industrial skeletons, ungrounded and unhinged, seem to crumple, to bend, and to contort, something ghostly resonates from them. Recent solo shows took place at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art (Moscow, […]


Kantine Rue de Manchester 19 (1st Floor), Brussel

Artist talk Moshekwa Langa

De Ateliers Stadhouderskade 86, Amsterdam

Moshekwa Langa (b. 1975, Bakenberg, Limpopo, South-Africa), lives in Amsterdam The studio practice of South-African artist Moshekwa Langa spans drawing, painting, installation, video, and photography, culling materials from his immediate surroundings. Simultaneously poetic and emotional, Langa creates a visual language to convey personal histories as a way to grapple with the often slippery meaning of […]

Artist Talk Anders Dickson

De Ateliers Stadhouderskade 86, Amsterdam

Anders Dickson (b. 1988, Wisconsin, USA), lives in Paris and The Hague American painter and sculptor Anders Dickson is a former participant of De Ateliers. He studied art in Karlsruhe with Harald Klingelhöller and in Frankfurt with Amy Sillman. Fascinated by conspiracy theories, ghost stories, and Americana his paintings, drawings and sculptures explore instable connections […]


Between Art and Film Complesso dell'Ospedaletto, Venetië

Artist Talk Phung-Tien Phan

De Ateliers Stadhouderskade 86, Amsterdam

Phung-Tien Phan (b.1983, Essen, Germany), lives in Essen In her sculptures and videos, German-Vietnamese artist Phung-Tien Phan explores the social significance and cultural references of everyday household objects we surround ourselves with. From 2014 to 2017, Phung-Tien Phan was involved with artists run space Belle Air in Essen. Her work was presented in solo and […]

Artist Talk Michelle Williams Gamaker

De Ateliers Stadhouderskade 86, Amsterdam

Michelle Williams Gamaker (b.1979, London, UK), lives in London Michelle Williams Gamaker is an artist working in moving image and performance, often in dialogue with film history. Through an interrogation of cinema and its artifice, she recasts characters as fictional activists, proposing critical alternatives to colonial and imperialist storytelling in early 20th-century British and Hollywood studio films. Her work has featured in […]


Parklandschap Oranjewoud Kon. Julianaweg 98, Oranjewoud

Jen Liu

Upstream Gallery Kloveniersburgwal 95, Amsterdam

Fabulous Facts, True Fictions

De Ateliers Stadhouderskade 86, Amsterdam

Met gepaste trots presenteert De Ateliers vijf wonderlijke, korte films van voormalige deelnemers. Elk van deze werken duurt 7 tot 16 minuten en wordt in een eigen ruimte getoond. De films tonen de wereld zoals wij die kennen in beelden de we nooit eerder hebben gezien. Feiten lijken fabeltjes. Fictie vertelt schijnbaar de waarheid. Uitgaande […]

Emo Verkerk

Willem Baars Projects Hoogte Kadijk 17 hs, Amsterdam