Online screening Horacy Muszynski tijdens Amsterdam Art Gallery Weekend

In het kader van het livestreamprogramma van Amsterdam Art Gallery Weekend is op zaterdag 28 november 2020 om 16.10 uur de film ‘RIXT’ te zien van De Ateliers deelnemer Horacy Muszynski.

Het livestreamprogramma is te volgen op het YouTube kanaal van het Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

It’s the year 2031, times of COVID-94. For unknown reasons, European seas are drying out. Filip Nowak, the Polish filmmaker, contacted a group of independent sea researchers located in The Netherlands. He decided to make a documentary film about them. This is the footage that was found. Horacy Muszynski combines film, performance and video art in his work. With unique, experimental projects he explores the boundaries between reality and fiction and high and low culture. Horacy creates special effects and highly inventive visual stories, in which he applies elements from parody, B-movies and amateur movies. Underneath the absurdism and humor lies a critical look at current social themes.

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